Kepler Wild Side (5-6 hours) Price: $99 per person (kids just $40!)

kepler half day 2Escape people and go off-track in one of the wildest places on earth; Fiordland National Park's ancient gondwanaland forest. Scroll down to read more and book online. 

In the safe hands of a qualified Bush Instructor, and in a tiny group of no more than six, we step over the hiking trails into the forest, thanks to a special permit from the Department of Conservation. Instead of walkers, you discover threatened plants, ancient gondwanaland trees, endangered birds, and secret glades where you surely might spot a hobbit or two.

The experience

*Start on a swing bridge over the mighty River Anduin from Lord of the Rings
*Step straight over the Kepler track into primeval forest, with giant rimu trees up to 1,000 years old
*Discover conservation programmes that catch possums and stoats (bird-killing predators)
*Learn crucial bush craft skills including bush navigation, shelter building and fire lighting. 
*Includes hot drinks and snacks. 

Watch our short YouTube video about the Kepler Wild Side trip. 

Need to know

*Great experience on a dry or wet day; the tree canopy is a big umbrella!
*Departs from Te Anau accommodations mornings or afternoons
*Suitable for most adults and older children; we walk slowly, so we can experience more
*We tailor the trip to the group's ability; this isn't a long hike, it's a nature experience
*Wear trainers or ankle boots with a good grip and socks
*Wear quick-dry long trousers (we lend you these if you don't have them)
*Bring a day pack, water bottle, packed lunch, jumper and rain coat

Kepler Gallery 


Heli-Hike Mount Titiroa (1 day luxury adventure)


Mount Titiroa is the iconic 1,715 metre summit at the heart of Fiordland National Park. The peak gleams like a pyramid across Fiordland; its summit is covered in amazing wind-sculpted white granite boulders, quartz sand beaches and unique alpine plants. It is a mecca for walkers due to the stunning panoramic views from the top. However, few people make it here on foot; it takes three days to summit and descend on our Mount Titiroa Summit expedition because there is no marked track and its lower half is cloaked in ancient forest.

Get there the quick way

We don't use helcopters for any old reason; but getting to the summit of Titiroa seems a marvellous reason to us, particularly if it helps us save our mountain parrots (see below). If you can't afford the time to join our three-day summit expedition, you can alternately join our Titiroa heli-hike in the safe hands of our partner helicopter company Fiordland Helicopters. This gives you two magical helicopter rides across Lake Te Anau and Lake Manapouri, and an awesome day exploring the summit of Titiroa.

What's included

A 9am helicopter flight to Mount Titiroa summit, a day exploring the summit and walking down the north east ridge with a qualified wilderness guide, a gourmet packed lunch, snacks and drinks, and a helicopter flight off the lower flanks of the peak at 5pm. For images of Titiroa, see our Titiroa gallery

What to bring

Wear hiking boots/shoes and quick-dry trousers. Bring a day bag with a filled water bottle, sun screen, warm jumper, hat and waterproof coat. (If you are missing an item, let us know and we can provide it for you.)

A peak for parrots

Ten percent of profits made from this trip goes to the Kea Conservation Trust. The kea is our highly-intelligent, mountain parrot, once common but now under threat of extinction due to introduced predators such as stoats and possums. Kea are so clever they use sticks as tools, but they nest on the ground and are unable to defend themselves against bird-eating mammals. Your trip funds trapping programmes to reduce stoat and possum populations, and transmitters which are attached to kea so the trust can monitor where the birds are nesting, and then protect those areas through predator trapping.


Price is dependent on numbers. Drop us a line to discuss or call us on 0064 +3 249 9312. 

Charitable giving

kea satBushbash is committed to giving money to charities, particularly those working for conservation of Fiordland bird life. Our partner charity for our multi-day trips in 2013/14 is the Kea Conservation Trust. Ten per cent of profits from our multi-day trips will go to the Kea Conservation Trust. Our partner charity for our one-day trips in 2013/14 is Kids Restore The Kepler. Ten per cent of profits from our one-day trips will go to Kids Restore The Kepler. Read below for information about these two charities and what they do. 

Kea Conservation Trust 

The Kea Conservation Trust assists in conservation of wild kea in their natural habitat and to increase the husbandry standards and advocacy potential of those kea held in captive facilities within New Zealand. For more information go to Kea Conservation trust

See right and below for beautiful pictures of these increasingly rare mountain parrots; the most intelligent parrots in the world. Kea are so clever they can use sticks as tools, but unfortunately they nest in rocks and hollows on the ground which means they are attacked by introduced predators such as stoats and possums. Kea are not afraid of humans and hop right up to you; there is a chance on our Mount Titiroa and Routeburn Wild trips that you will see a kea. 

Kids Restore the Kepler

This project aims to restore more native bird life, including kiwi, rock wren, yellow head, and blue duck, to the forested Kepler mountains, immediately opposite the town of Te Anau, in Fiordland National Park. The project involves an intensive trapping programme, trapping the invasive predators stoats and rats, through traps placed throughout the forest. Some of the secret rough tracks used to access these traps are walked on our Kepler Survival trip. The great thing about this project is that it involves local children at the local schools, who help check the traps regularly. For more information go to Kids Restore the Kepler

 kea 1

kea 3

Information for the media

The media are welcome to use any of the photos on this website to accompany articles about Bushbash, or alternatively, use the below contact details to be sent original photographs. 

All media queries to Mary Williams or Geoff Clarke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (0064) +3 249 9312.

See below for Bushbash press releases. 


Build your adventure

kidney fernWant us to tailor a Fiordland off-track adventure to your needs? We can! Just drop us a line using our query form telling us the amount of time you have, and the kind of experience you want, or call us on (00 64) +3 249 9312.

To help you decide what you want, browse the below bucket list of options.

To help you plan, it's also handy to know prices for privately-tailored trips. These prices are at the bottom of this page.

Your bucket list

What is the purpose of your adventure?

  • Personal enjoyment
  • Corporate team builder
  • Corporate social responsibility event
  • School or college trip
  • Charity fundraiser

What do you want to do?

  • Walking up peaks
  • Walking through forest
  • Boat trips to access wilderness
  • Helicopter flights to access the tops of mountains or more remote areas
  • A mixture of all the above

What do you want to experience?

  • Bird spotting
  • Trapping of possums and stoats
  • Plant identification in forests
  • Bush survival skills training
  • Bush walking and navigation skills
  • Alpine plant identification above the bushline
  • Alpine walking above the bushline
  • Mountain summits
  • Wild deer stalking (cameras only: we show you how to hunt for venison, but we leave the guns behind)
  • Gourmet food or standard camp food

How tough?

  • Gentle pace and mainly flat for all abilities
  • Moderately tough including some uphill for moderately fit people
  • Tough uphill mountain challenge for people with above-average fitness

How long do you want to go for?

  • One day adventure
  • Multi-day camping adventures
  • Several one day adventures consecutively with hotel accommodation inbetween

What do you want us to organise?

  • Just your Bushbash
  • More add-ons, such as a trip to Fiordland's world-famous fiord at Milford Sound or a day's fly fishing
  • Transport from Queenstown

Get in touch!

Prices for privately-tailored trips

Trips of one day or shorter
If you are looking for a trip of one day's duration or shorter, with one qualified guide, we charge by the hour. Our hourly rate is:
$80 for up to four people (just $20 each per hour if four people),
$90 for five people ($18 each per hour), and
$100 for six people ($17 each per hour).
For these trips, we provide snacks and hot drinks, and lunch if the trip is four hours or more and spans lunch time.

Multi-day trips
Trips of two or more days' duration include overnight wilderness camping, a lead guide, a co-guide, and all transport, food and camping equipment. For this package our day rate is $1,200 and we can take up to five people ($240 each per day). Packages that include add ons, such as helicopter flights or gourmet food, involve additional cost.

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