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Don't panic, we don't make you swim a lake before you bushbash. (But we couldn't resist showing you this picture of one of our wonderful, crazy clients swimming across the lake here in Te Anau.) Above all else, you are coming on a Bushbash adventure to experience wilderness and learn more about the amazing biodiversity of Fiordland and perhaps pick up a few survival skills. But there's no beating about the bush; you do need a certain level of fitness to bushbash.

Different people have different ideas about what it means to be fit. To help you decide if you are fit enough, answer our 'fit quiz' below.

Fit quiz for one-day bushbashers

1. Are you active? For example, you do weekly regular aerobic exercise and you think you have good lung capacity and decent leg muscle strength.

2. Do you feel you can walk in terrain where there is no formal track? (Your adventure is not an obstacle course, but you may need to climb over fallen tree trunks, wade through boggy areas, or scramble up banks.)

3. Are you medically fit or have well-managed medical conditions that don't affect your fitness nor require emergency treatment? We regret you cannot join a Bushbash trip if you have a heart condition or epilepsy or any other serious diagnosed medical condition that may need specialist emergency treatment we cannot provide. We also do not recommend our multi-day walking adventures for pregnant women due to the need to carry a laden back pack.

Fit quiz for multi-day bushbashers

1. Have you answered yes to the above three questions? Great! Read on!

2. Are you capable of walking for most of the day, for more than one day, while carrying a moderately laden pack? This will include carrying a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, part of a light weight tent (we share tent parts between packs), and lightweight camping food. We keep you going with breaks and chocolate and amazing views!

3. Have you done such a thing at least once and found it OK? The more you do it, the easier it gets!

4. Do you have a good team spirit? Are you willing to muck in putting up tents at the end of the day and doing other boy or girl scout tasks? Can you promise not to moan too much if you get wet feet?


Answered yes to these questions? You've just qualified as the perfect Bushbash client! If you have the time, however, it's a really good idea to get some training in before your trip. The best training you can do is walking with a pack, including on hills. This gives you the 'right' kind of fitness, and also means you can be confident that your pack and boots are comfortable.

(And if you can also practice a few campfire songs if you are coming on a multi-day trip then we appreciate those too.)

We look forward to meeting you!


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