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kea satBushbash is committed to giving money to charities, particularly those working for conservation of Fiordland bird life. Our partner charity for our multi-day trips in 2013/14 is the Kea Conservation Trust. Ten per cent of profits from our multi-day trips will go to the Kea Conservation Trust. Our partner charity for our one-day trips in 2013/14 is Kids Restore The Kepler. Ten per cent of profits from our one-day trips will go to Kids Restore The Kepler. Read below for information about these two charities and what they do. 

Kea Conservation Trust 

The Kea Conservation Trust assists in conservation of wild kea in their natural habitat and to increase the husbandry standards and advocacy potential of those kea held in captive facilities within New Zealand. For more information go to Kea Conservation trust

See right and below for beautiful pictures of these increasingly rare mountain parrots; the most intelligent parrots in the world. Kea are so clever they can use sticks as tools, but unfortunately they nest in rocks and hollows on the ground which means they are attacked by introduced predators such as stoats and possums. Kea are not afraid of humans and hop right up to you; there is a chance on our Mount Titiroa and Routeburn Wild trips that you will see a kea. 

Kids Restore the Kepler

This project aims to restore more native bird life, including kiwi, rock wren, yellow head, and blue duck, to the forested Kepler mountains, immediately opposite the town of Te Anau, in Fiordland National Park. The project involves an intensive trapping programme, trapping the invasive predators stoats and rats, through traps placed throughout the forest. Some of the secret rough tracks used to access these traps are walked on our Kepler Survival trip. The great thing about this project is that it involves local children at the local schools, who help check the traps regularly. For more information go to Kids Restore the Kepler

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